Episode 23 – Wildlife Poaching

In this episode, Bo, Victoria, and Katie tackle the controversial topic of illegal wildlife hunting, or ‘poaching’, and equally controversial efforts to combat it through increased militarization of protection efforts, including ‘shoot-to-kill’ policies.  They approach the topic from a variety of angles, looking at history of the term ‘poaching’, changing attitudes to hunting over time, the role of social media, and the variety of ways  governments and organizations have tried to combat illegal practices.


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Episode Hosts

Bo Baney, Masters in Environmental Management, Duke ’19

Victoria Grant

Katie Ridgeway

Series Host

Lisa Campbell head shot

Dr. Lisa Campbell hosts the Conservation and Development series. The series showcases the work of students who produce podcasts as part of their term projects. Lisa introduced a podcast assignment after 16 years of teaching, in an effort to direct student energy and effort to a project that would enjoy a wider audience.