Episode 10 – Tourism in the Bahamas

In this episode, Emily Melvin and Katrina Rosing delve into the complexities of tourism in the Bahamas. The two discuss how tourism affects Bahamian identity and reflects colonial legacies even today. In exploring these issues, they interview Tarran Simms of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism’s sustainability department. Tarran discusses his views of Bahamian identity, the interplay of that identity with tourism, and the emergence of new forms of tourism in the Bahamas.

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Episode Hosts

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Emily Melvin,  Masters of Environmental Management, 2020

Emily completed her Masters at Duke’s Nicholas School of the environment, in the Coastal Environmental Management program. Since 2018, Emily has been working with a dive resort in the Bahamas, Small Hope Bay Lodge, along with several others (including Tarran Simms who features in this episode) to start a new non-profit organization, the Small Hope Bay Foundation, with a mission to create capacity for environmental and economic sustainability on Andros Island, Bahamas. Emily spent the summer of 2019 on Andros working on strategic planning for the Foundation and conducting research for her Master’s Project, “Tourism, Environmental Stewardship, and Community Engagement on Andros Island, Bahamas,” under the guidance of advisor Lisa Campbell. Emily is now pursuing her PhD in Coastal Sciences at the University of Southern Mississippi, and she hopes to continue working in the Bahamas for her dissertation research, examining the role of international power and politics in Hurricane Dorian recovery.

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Katrina Rosing, Wittenberg University

Katrina is a senior at Wittenberg University studying biology and marine science. She spent the spring of her junior year at the Duke Marine Lab.  After graduation, Katrina plans to attend graduate school to study coral conservation.



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Tarran Simms is a Coordinator in the Sustainable Tourism Unit at The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. Tarran has a Bachelor of Science in Small Island Sustainability with a focus in Eco-tourism and Development from the College of the Bahamas, and a Master of Science in Tourism Hospitality Management / Master of Arts in Research on Islands and Small States from the University of Malta. Mr. Simms has received national recognition in the Bahamas. He received the 2016 Youth in the Environment award and was selected as a youth delegate to climate change negotiations. In his free time, he enjoys SCUBA diving and fishing.

Ariel Seymore reads  Marion Bethel’s poem,  “On a Coral Cay.”  Marion Bethel is a Bahamian attorney, writer, and activist. She received a Bachelor and Masters of Arts in Law from Cambridge University, and has been practicing law in the Bahamas since 1986. Marion’s work has been featured at poetry festivals in the Caribbean and the Americas.  You can read more of her poems in the 2009 collection Bougainvillea Ringplay. Source:  https://peaceisloud.org/speaker/marion-bethel/

Series Host

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Dr. Lisa Campbell hosts the Conservation and Development series. The series showcases the work of students who produce podcasts as part of their term projects. Lisa introduced a podcast assignment after 16 years of teaching, in an effort to direct student energy and effort to a project that would enjoy a wider audience.

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