Proposal Submission Guidelines

All research proposals from the Nicholas School of the Environment that require the signature of an authorized institutional representative must be submitted through the Office of Research Support (ORS).

Once You Know You Plan to Submit (no later than 2 weeks prior to the due date, 3-4 weeks for complex projects or those with sub-recipients)

  • Talk to your grants manager, or if you are a graduate student, to your advisor’s grants manager.
  • Provide the grants manager with the solicitation name or number, and prepare an abstract/1-page description, a budget, information about the PI and Co-Investigators.
  • If your project includes collaborators from outside of Duke (i.e., a subcontract), their organization must sign off on their proposed budget before you submit the full project to Duke ORS for review 5 days before the agency deadline  — getting this institutional signoff is important, so make time in your proposal development schedule for collaborators to get subcontracts through their institutional research offices before you submit to ORS.

If you plan to submit to a foundation, touch base with Christine Erlien (; 919-681-7847), so that she can obtain clearance to proceed and record data in the Office of Foundation Relations’ database.

Five Days Before the Proposal Deadline

Five business days (or more) before the proposal due date, your grant manager will submit your proposal for institutional review through the Sponsored Projects System (SPS). The five day requirement is firm. If key features of the proposal cannot be submitted to SPS on time (e.g., abstract, budget, PI/co-Is), a waiver is required. The waiver request must be made to your department head, who will forward it to the Vice Provost for Research.

After Award

Once the proposal has been submitted and an award is granted, ORS will set up the account codes needed to manage the financial aspects of the grant. Your grant manager or business manager will usually interact with ORS in that process. After that, the PI is responsible for meeting all of the technical and financial requirements of the award and will work with his/her grant manager to ensure compliance with the financial requirements.

The Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for post-award management for all of Duke University, including the School of Medicine. Most of your interaction with the Office of Sponsored Programs will probably be through a grant manager or your department’s business manager.

Funding Opportunities





Note:  Duke has a license for a funding database called Pivot.  You can use it to set up searches specific to your funding interests, and it will send you weekly e-mail updates on matches.  Training materials available here.


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