Goals and Vision


The Paul Quinn Stream Restoration Project will serve as a learning experience for students, provide ecological improvements, bring together Paul Quinn College and Highland Hills, and increase community engagement in Highland Hills.


What is Duke Immerse?

  • Duke Immerse is a collaboration between Duke University and Paul Quinn College (PQC), a historically black college in Dallas, TX. Centered on urban environmental justice and social entrepreneurship, the program brings together eights students from PQC and seven students from Duke to address pressing environmental issues in the glanced over Highlands Hills Community of Dallas. Through restoration ecology and social entrepreneurship, students will work with the Highlands Hills Community for environmental justice.


What will Duke Immerse do?

  • Observe the stream
  • Study environmental impairment
  • Define an ecological target
  • Design a restoration plan
  • Collaborate with the community


Why will Duke Immerse do it?

  • Address symptoms of urban stream syndrome:
    • Clay pipes, debris, trash, and random decreases in water quantity and quality
    • Deep ditches and small holes imply the stream travels underground and may be clogged by tree branches and trash.
  • Transform the stream and create a space for learning
  • Create an experiential environmental space for the future charter school
  • Affirm Paul Quinn College’s commitment to the community
  • Foster collaboration with community partners
  • Continue Duke’s tradition of fostering knowledge in the service of society through hands-on learning



  • Removing debris, reducing erosion, decreasing sediment loads, removing non-native invasive species, and planting native species
  • Stabilizing the structure of the stream, reconnecting to the floodplain, preventing further degradation, and restoring historic continuity
  • Raising Paul Quinn College and community engagement with environmental issues through environmental education
  • Tying the Highland Hills Community with Paul Quinn College through collaboration with local schools, decision-makers, and volunteers
  • Showcasing a natural space that is aesthetically pleasing and a centerpiece of the community through:
    • Eco-art and bike trails



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