Work Study


Duke University departments hire work/study students.  Students are hired at an hourly rate and must complete a timecard that is submitted electronically. Pay periods are two weeks in length. Each pay period, student hours are submitted to payroll in the department for which they are working.  For Federal work/study students, payroll will pay 75% of the earnings to be paid to the student from Federal Work/Study; the remaining 25% is paid by the hiring department. Non-Profits participate in Duke work-study through collaboration with the Duke Community Service Center. Non-profits must qualify to participate in the program. Go to the Duke Community Service Center website for more information.

Participating non-profits hire Duke students’ and pay each student through the non-profits normal pay routine, with the understanding that work/study earnings are tax exempt. The student will receive paychecks through the non-profit, not through Duke.  A student must be paid at least once a month for work performed.  After payment of students, the non-profit submits documentation to the Student Employment Office for reimbursement of the student’s work/study earnings. The Student Employment Office completes the appropriate paperwork, and Payroll sends a reimbursement to the non-profit. The non-profit can only be reimbursed for the percentage covered by work-study funding (90% of earnings for federal work/study, up to the amount the student is allocated).

Students receive a limited amount of money for work/study.  If a student works more hours than the work/study allotment can reimburse, it is up to the department to begin funding 100% of the student’s pay.  Academic year work/study allocations can only be used for hours worked August through May; see the financial administrator for specific dates. Students cannot use the academic year work/study during the summer.

A comprehensive listing of all on- and off-campus jobs — including both work/ study and non-work/study positions — is available through JobX. Students with federal work/study eligibility may also apply for employment through the Duke Community Service Center for placement with America Reads, America Counts, and other non-profit organizations. If you work multiple jobs, the student and employers are responsible for monitoring the student’s total earnings.


The goal of work/study programs is to promote student employment opportunities for students who desire job experience and to assist those students who need earnings to help meet educational expenses. The Federal College Work/Study Program provides a federal subsidy of 75% for all eligible earnings, the remaining 25% of student wages is borne by hiring departments.


During the academic year, students enrolled in classes are allowed to work no more than 19.9 hours per week.This figure is the maximum amount. Please note that it is not recommended to work the maximum number of hours permitted.  It is critical that your employment be a manageable part of your graduate career, not an overwhelming experience.  Your primary purpose in being at Duke is to earn your degree. Please discuss with your employer the number of hours that you feel comfortable working given all other obligations of your time. Do not start working until you are officially on payroll; any hours worked prior to getting on payroll will not be compensated.


The most current rates for hourly student employees.


Student employees are paid on the Duke University bi-weekly payroll system at an hourly rate. Direct deposit is required for all students who are employed on campus. Setting up direct deposit for work is handled separately from direct deposit for financial aid refunds. The payroll clerk in the department where you will be working will assist you in setting up direct deposit for payroll. Just like any other job, you get a regular paycheck that goes directly to you for the wages you have earned based on the rate of pay and number of hours worked. Work/study authorization is handled electronically if you are hired for a work/study position. The Nicholas School’s Payroll/Business Office is in Grainger Hall, 5A 5th floor. The authorization. Reminder: The work/study allocation is the total amount you can earn irrespective of whether the funds are coming from the federal government (75%) or the department (25%).


Yes, the two employers must first agree on how much of the students’ allocation will be earned at their department. One employer will be the primary department. That department and the student must work with the secondary department to ensure that the student is correctly on payroll. The maximum total number of hours of all jobs combined cannot equal more than 19.9 hours per week.


In order to qualify for work/study allocation, a student must have an established and documented financial need in the Financial Aid Office of the college or school in which the student is enrolled.  A work/study allocation is one component of a financial aid package, and is not a requirement, but an opportunity. To receive Federal Work Study, you must complete the online FAFSA form. For additional financial aid application requirements and instructions, contact your school’s financial aid office. Nicholas School students who are eligible for work/study are notified on the Financial Aid Notice (FAN) that is sent during the spring. 


Employers post job openings using JobX.  Students with federal work study eligibility may also apply for employment through the Duke Center for Civic Engagement for placement with America Reads, America Counts, and other non-profit organizations. If you work multiple jobs, the student and employers are responsible for monitoring the student’s total earnings.

The America Reads/America Counts Program is a national initiative that challenges all Americans to play a role in helping children improve their reading and math skills.  At Duke, the Community Service Center places tutors in our Duke Durham Neighborhood Partnership schools for an entire semester.  Tutors will work with a child in grades K-8 in reading and/or mathematics. Positions are open to volunteers as well as students eligible for federal work-study who are seeking paid employment. If you are interested in tutoring, please check out the America Reads/America Counts website for information on the application process. For other questions or concerns, contact  

Students interested in finding work at a nonprofit should contact the Duke Center for Civic Engagement. All nonprofits must sign a contract to be eligible to participate in the work study program.


Send an email to or call 919-613-8070.