NIH Directive

NIH Directive: Duke has created a website with detailed instructions and FAQ for faculty and staff: Once completed (12-18 months), the policy changes will affect ALL research conducted at Duke and will not be limited to NIH. To remain in compliance with ORS, please plan on submitting completed NIH proposals to your grants manager a minimum of 10 days in advance of institute deadlines.  Duke intends to broadly address the challenges we face in three critical areas of research:

  1. Policy and Procedure
  2. Organizational Design
  3. Scientific Oversight (scientific integrity)

Research Quality: For those of you who missed the Rigor and Reproducibility panel discussion (now archived), please take a few minutes to consider how you personally address Research Quality in your environment, particularly in your training of students. Informal, day-to-day interactions are often the most powerful way to infuse a culture of research quality. Conversations as a lab or one-on-one, “Research in Progress” seminars and strong data management practices were discussed as tools for increasing research quality. Major barriers to research quality include the pressure to succeed, financial burden to reproduce/repeat experiments, lack of transparency, working in isolation and the complexity of experimental methodology.

Nature Volume 557 Issue 7705, 17 May 2018 “How to Grow Healthy Labs” Nature explores how the working environment shapes research quality and morale — and what can be done to strengthen the research enterprise.

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