The Team

Directors: Maria de Oca and Sarah NollCCATS arrives (1024x685)

Public Screening Organizer: Megumi Shimizu

Website Manager: Kate Brogan

Speakers and Collaborators: Bill Rice, Brian Reburn, Chuck Bangley, Dr. Dan Rittschof, Eli Cole, Elizabeth McDonald, Georgia Minnich, Dr. IJ Won, Joy Stanistreet, Kate Brogan, Dr. Kersey Sturdivant, Kim Hernandez, Lianne Won, Liza Hoos, Luke Fairbanks, Max Tice-Lewis, Michelle Brodeur, Ryan Kelly, Stacy Zhang, Suzanne Lewis, and Dr. Xavier Basurto.

This project began thanks to the initial support of: Dr. Cindy Van Dover, Scottee Cantrell, Dr. Tom Schultz, and Dr. Lisa Campbell.

An additional thank you to the following for their help and support: Belinda Williford, Dominick Brugnolotti, Janil Miller, Jeff Priddy, Rebecca Smith, Sara Blinebry, Timothy Lucas and Tom Walbert.

The transportation of the students to the Duke Marine Lab is provided by the Carteret County Area Transportation System (CCATS) and its cost is covered by the Duke Marine Lab.

Thank you to the following institutions for their support and collaborative efforts: