Winners of the 2017 I am Duke Environment Photo Contest

Not only are our students and alumni bright and passionate – they’re creative, too! Check out the winning photos from our spring contest, including grand prize winner “Kaelyn on the Bridge,” by Kaelyn Maehara, MEM’19. The photo shows Kaelyn aboard the MY Sam Simon, where she served as the ship’s quartermaster during an expedition to remove illegally placed gillnets from the upper Sea of Cortez, a marine ecosystem that is home to many important species, including the critically endangered vaquita.

Congratulations to Kaelyn and our other winners: Barbara Cozzens, DEL-MEM’17, whose photo took top prize in the contest’s “work” category; Alex Aines, MEM’17, who won in the “learn” category; and PhD student Wout Salenbien who took the “fun” category.