Dean Vincent Presents School’s New Strategic Plan

Dean Vincent presented the Nicholas School’s new strategic plan last week, which is the product of more than two years of work by the school’s faculty and staff. The title of the plan, Working Together to Advance Environmental Education and Research, is both an intentional nod toward Duke’s new academic strategic plan, Together Duke, which it complements, and a reflection of a theme that emerged from the planning process: that there is much to gain as a school from collaborating more within educational and research programs.

The plan has six strategic focus areas, with the following broad goals:

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Increase diversity within all segments of the school, and create an inclusive, schoolwide community
  • Undergraduate Programs: Strengthen and grow programs and connections to non-majors
  • Professional Master’s Programs: Efficiently deliver the content and skills that students need for successful careers as environmental professionals
  • PhD Programs: Improve coordination across programs, and develop a greater sense of a schoolwide PhD student community
  • Research: Build on current core areas of excellence to take advantage of emerging trends and opportunities related to innovative and interdisciplinary research
  • Faculty Structure: Foster a schoolwide faculty community based on understanding, equity, and respect

The plan presents more specific goals and recommended actions in each of these areas. To view the complete strategic plan, click here.