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Eric Thu and Georgia Schuh

Fated from the Start

Eric Thu met Georgia Schuh on the first day of orientation as grad students.  And, as Eric says, both were “so type A” that they also showed up for locker assignments right on time, and they ended up being assigned Lockers #1 and #2, ensuring that they were side-by-side for […]

Reading, Writing, and Romance: Nicholas School Students Find Love

The Nicholas School has done a lot more than create the world’s next environmental leaders — it’s also created the world’s next great love stories. While pouring over books, talking excitedly about environmental policy solutions, or just hanging out at games and with friends, many of our students were also […]

Alumni Enjoy Appreciation Breakfast with Dean Steelman, Learn about Go Grow Give Opportunities

Many Nicholas School alums are working at Duke University, and conversely, a number of Duke alums now work at the Nicholas School. The Office of Development and Alumni Relations wanted to recognize the commitment that these alums have made to Duke and hosted a special appreciation breakfast for them with […]

Progress Report Shows Successes of Environmental Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

The latest progress report for our Environmental Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program shows the gains that we’ve made in the past year, such as providing summer grants for students studying sustainability solutions and renewable energy, participating in research to develop a commercial path for a cottonseed that does not contain the […]