Rising TIDE: A New Approach to Inclusion & Diversity

Rising TideValue-added skill for job applicants and future managers.

An overwhelming majority of employers in the field of conservation and the environment, such as The Nature Conservancy, National Park Service, US Forest Service, National Parks Conservation Association, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Conservation International, consider Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Training to represent the next wave of environmental leadership and stewardship.

To meet this demand, the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) has developed an extracurricular training program, Rising TIDE (Training for Inclusion & Diversity in the Environment) to provide students with an introduction to inclusion and diversity and its importance to managing organizations dedicated to environmental stewardship. Relevant I&D topics (e.g. sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, global perspectives) will be covered through environmental case studies, interactive exercises, and discussions with leading environmental professionals.  Students gain insights to hidden biases (in themselves and others) that can influence the work behavior, decisions (e.g., hiring, promotions, professional development, project assignments, etc.), and ultimately the success of environmental organizations.

According to Glenda Lee, associate director CPDC, “bringing RisingTIDE to MEM/MF students has been a wonderfully collaborative effort.  To ensure we had a broad range of input, an advisor board [GSL1] [GSL1]was establish which included Nicholas School faculty, staff, current students,  alumni (Rush Childs, MEM’08, Klugh Jordan, MEM’04 and Cy Stober, MEM’07), and conservation employers”.  Additionally, Yumiko Chattulani Jakobcic, MEM’08, who’s MP topic examined ethnic diversity challenges and successes in U.S. conservations will be one of the expert panelists in the concluding session.

Rising TIDE welcomes alumni workplace examples of I&D success and challenges that could perhaps be used for future program case studies.


Please send your descriptions to Glenda at gslee@duke.edu. Subject line: Alumni Inclusion and Diversity.


Career and Professional Development Center Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Board*


Melanie Allen, Conservation and Diversity Coordinator, Conservation Trust for NC

Rush Childs, Senior Staff Economist, Cardno Entrix and alumna (MEM’08)

Colin Geisenhoffer, Master of Environmental Management Candidate 2014

Paul James, Director Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Office of Institutional Equity Duke University

Thelma Jernigan, Staff Assistant, Career and Professional Development Center

Klugh Jordan, ESP Division Business Manager and alumna (MEM’04)

Glenda S. Lee, Associate Director Career Services and advisory board chai

Eve Marion, Program Manager, Administrative & Graduate Coordinator Superfund Research Center Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health Program

Monica McCann, Associate Director, The Conservation Fund’s Resourceful Communities Program

Joel Meyer, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Environmental Toxicology

Leslie Pardue, Program Coordinator for Professional Studies

Margaret Perry, Master of Environmental Management Candidate 2014

Rhonda Sarmento, Senior Career Specialist, Career and Professional Development Center

Elizabeth Shapiro, PhD, Assistant Professor of the Practice of Environmental Policy & Management

Cy Stober, Water Resources Planner, Piedmont Triad Council of Governments and alumna (MEM’08)

Michelle Yuan, Master of Environmental Management Candidate 2014

Ad hoc members:

Angela Airall, Senior Consultant, Learning & Organization Development Duke University

Karen Kirchof, Assistant Dean Career and Professional Development Center