Physical Oceanography

Gump_boat_150kHz_ADCP_smPhysical Oceanography

Our subgroup studies ocean currents and fluid dynamics on local, regional and global scales. This research is strongly interdisciplinary with connections to primary production, organism or chemical transport as well as the ocean’s role in climate variability and climate change.

Representative Publications

Hench, J. L., and J. H. Rosman, 2010. Analysis of bottom-track and compass error in a self-contained acoustic Doppler diver navigation console. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 27 (7): 1229-1238.

Lozier, M.S., V. Roussenov, S. Mark., C. Reed and R.G. Williams, 2010. Opposing decadal changes for the North Atlantic meridional overturning circulation. Nature Geosciences, 3, 728-734.