Welcome to Oceans @ Duke

Duke is a world leader in interdisciplinary studies. The Ocean Sciences program at Duke integrates natural and social sciences in the building of knowledge in environmental sciences, conservation science, and policy and management, and uses this knowledge in service of society. Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral students in ocean sciences at Duke both study and work in the ‘real world’ to solve critical issues facing our world’s oceans.

Students in ocean sciences at all levels at Duke join a community of scholars who use interdisciplinary approaches in a collaborative environment to inspire creative and innovative studies and applications that improve our understanding of the ocean and seek informed solutions to complex ocean issues.

Our oceans are under increasing stress from human activity: Human disturbance of the coastal and marine environment has led to a litany of human-induced influences and impacts, including ocean warming, ocean acidification, melting of ice caps and sea ice, sea-level rise, habitat and biodiversity loss, changes in primary production and food web dynamics, invasive species, overfishing, coastal erosion and eutrophication, increased hypoxia, and pollution (physical, chemical, visual, acoustic). Even as we change the ocean on global, regional, and local scales, our understanding of the importance of healthy coasts and oceans to human health and well being continues to expand.

Duke’s ocean science students develop the research, scholarship and professional skills that serve the needs of the future, where complex issues will be resolved through individual and team approaches that cross disciplines and create innovative solutions.

Marine Science Seminars