PhD Student Grant Submission Process

Pre-submission proposal development

Strong, competitive grant and fellowship proposals are developed over months, and in collaboration with other thought leaders in your area. If you anticipate pursuing funding for an educational/outreach project or your research ideas, preemptively draft your ideas in the form of a specific aims page/project summary page.

Clearly state:

  • The significance of the problem you are solving
  • Your hypothesis/theory of change
  • Your experimental approach
  • The innovation and impact of your work

Seek feedback on your ideas and approach from others in your field

For Fellowships, develop a 2-3 page personal statement – define who you are as a person, how your life experiences have shaped you and led to your accomplishments, and where you intend to go in your career. Share with your peers and seek feedback.

Putting your ideas on paper – and sharing them with colleagues early – will allow you the time and input necessary to refine your narrative and approach.

Required proposal submission process – applicable to external agencies only

  1. Once you identify a funding opportunity, talk with your advisor about submission. Funding opportunities internal to Duke do not need to be submitted through the portal.
  2. Use the NSOE Grant Submission Portal to provide the following information to the NSOE pre-award team. Required information includes: 1) the link to the agency’s Request for Proposals, 2) the agency due date for the proposal, and 3) your anticipated budget line items. Your pre-award specialist will contact you within 48 business hours. The required information must be submitted via the Grant Submission Portal AT LEAST THREE WEEKS IN ADVANCE OF SUBMISSION. This is the identical process and timeline faculty members follow for proposal submission.
  3. NSOE requires that a mature (e.g. full, but not final) proposal be submitted to the business office 10 business days in advance of the agency deadline. The NSOE business office will ensure the proposal is compliant with the agency’s request, and will route the proposal to the Duke University Office of Research Support (ORS) at least 5 business day in advance of the deadline. Waivers will not be granted.
  4. Discuss timelines and proposal compliance with the Office of Research Development.
  5. Some foundation proposals require the involvement of the Office of Foundation Relations.

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