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Life in Beaufort

Life in Beaufort

This portal directs you to information on school and home life in Beaufort.  One home life, look here for to prepare for everyday essentials, such as housing, transportation, and food.  You can also share ideas on local outings, nature explorations, entertainment venues, and volunteering opportunities.

For information on services, entertainment, and life on-campus at the Duke campus:  please check out the Life at the Nicholas School page.


  • Bicycle Commuting
  • [Car Rental & Car Share]
  • [Buses]
  • [Taxis]


  • [Housing Search Resources]
  • [Recommended Housing Options]


  • [Farmers Markets, Co-Ops and CSA’s]
  • [Food Shopping Directory]
  • [Organic, Local, and Eco-Friendly Restaurants]
  • [Recommended Beaufort Dinners]
  • [Recommended Beaufort Cafés]
  • [Recommended Beaufort Breakfast Joints]
  • [Recommended Beaufort Ethnic Restaurants]

Health Services

  • [Student Health Services]
  • [Recommended Beaufort Dentists]
  • [Recommended Beaufort Optometrists]

Life’s Details

  • [Recommended Beaufort Auto Mechanics]
  • [Dry Cleaning]
  • [Legal Services]


  • [Best Bars and Pubs]
  • [Best Music Venues]
  • [Best Bookstores]
  • [Best Dates]
  • [Best Gift Shopping]
  • [Movie and Stage Theaters]


  • The Coastal Society



  • Marsh’s *our favorite and the best for rentals
  • AB *webcam surf reports. Most surf board collection(used & new) in AB areas.
  • Bert’s

Swell forecast