Course Name: 

Case Studies Integrating Nature’s Value into Marine Planning

Access Dates: 

April 6th, 2016 – July 31st, 2016

Learning Format: View the Introductory Module HERE

Three separate 90-minute, self-paced, online learning modules will be released to registered participants starting April 6, 2016.  Each module builds on the previous by introducing key concepts and in-depth analysis of real-life marine planning processes in North and Latin America, Asia and Africa.  Optional technical assessment at the end of each module will be available for those interested in practicing basic spatial analysis (GIS mapping).

Cost: This opportunity is available at no cost.  Register Here  

About the Course

This online short course is a partnership between the Natural Capital Project and the DEL Executive Education program.  Learners will have the opportunity to explore coastal Belize and other marine planning use-cases, interacting with real data, legal frameworks and decision-support tools.  Participants can practice applying marine planning mapping techniques, tools, and activities such as stakeholder engagement, information management/synthesis, tradeoff analysis and outreach.

banner image photo credit: Jason Valdez

Technical Requirements

Internet Access: 

Course participants need to arrange to have reliable high-speed internet access through a laptop or desktop connection to their local internet service provider (ISP).  We encourage participants to arrange for broadband access to the internet via a cable modem, DSL, or a satellite connection.  Dial-up connections will not work effectively for this course.  We cannot provide support for your network connection, nor can we help you with any home networking equipment such as firewalls, routers, or switches.  For any of those issues, you will want to contact your ISP directly.

Distance Learning Software:
The course will be offered via this course site and modules created in Articulate Storyline software.  There is no additional charge or registration required to view these modules.



Gregg Verutes, Lead Instructor & Content Creator

Natural Capital Project, Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

Allison Besch, Program Administration

Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0328