Who We Are

We are a student group dedicated to the well being of the ocean. Our goals are to provide outreach to Duke students about marine science opportunities available. We want to promote an awareness of environmental issues and a platform on which students can make a difference when solving these problems. Join us if you share any love for our great oceans. 



The MCSL seeks to provide a constant stream of engaging talks and seminars from leading scientists and conservationalists in the field. We have meetings to discuss opertunities and stragegies for approaching careers in marine science and conservation. Finally, we have fun gatherings to promote outreach in the name of the oceans!


The Marine Science and Conservation Leaders wants to cover every aspect of the ocean and to do that, we need to go to new places. Our group is trying to find new ways to perform outreach as well as educate ourselves. To do that we have fun trips planned to different locations on the coast like the Marine Lab and maybe even scuba diving expeditions.

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, Feb 11, 6-7pm - Dr. Laurens Howle from Pratt will talk to us about his work in marine science. Location TBA
  • Tuesday, Feb. 24, 6-7 pm- Dr. Andre Boustany from the Nicholas School will talk to us about his research in marine geospatial planning. Location TBA.


NOAA Internships!

Check out this site for a list of internship, scholarship and fellowship opportunities for the National Oceanic and ...

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