Wildlife Security Convergence with Conservation and Innovation

dr. lee cover slide

Dr. Stephen Lee
Chief Scientist, US Army Research Office
Date:  September 15, 4:40-5:55 pm, EH1112

In this talk, Dr. Lee makes the case that reducing the illegal wildlife trade and poaching in Africa is in the best interest of the international community in terms of safety, security, conservation and goodwill. Further, that science and technology have pivotal roles to play via next generation tools and capabilities. In the short excerpt below he discusses some of the way Army technology is being adapted to aid conservation in Africa. Interested in learning more? Links to the full lecture are also below.

The lecture is available in the following formats:

Audio podcast (of excerpt) (10 min).
Video podcast (of excerpt) or download or with slide viewer (10 min).
Full lecture: video podcast, audio podcast, slide view (74 min).

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