Some Major Implications of the Ongoing Transformations in Cars and Trucks

car production line

One trend: With increasing production line innovations the auto industry is moving to just-in-time production which will limit inventory and impact businesses dependent on the current system.

Dr. Lincoln Pratson
Semans-Brown Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Duke University
Date:  September 27, 4:40-5:55 pm, EH1112

Not since the introduction of the automobile has there been so much technological innovation at play in the automotive industry and hence so much uncertainty about the car and truck of the future. Regardless of the technological outcome, some major changes are afoot inside and outside of the automotive industry. In this excerpt from his September 27th talk, Lincoln Pratson highlights some of the innovations and disruptions that are coming into play for the automotive industry.

The lecture is available in the following formats:

Audio podcast (of excerpt) (14 min).
Video podcast (of excerpt) or download or with slide viewer (14 min).
Full lecture: video podcast, audio podcast, slide view (67 min).

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