Outreach activity

December 2015

A team of grad students, postdocs and professors involved in the project met the students of Dillard Drive Middle School (Raleigh,  NC) for a lesson on Soil-Plant-Atmosphere processes!  WP_20151201_15_52_53_Pro

October 2015

Daily Planet Talk: Gabriele Manoli, Postdoc in the project, gave a SECU Daily Planet talk, at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences on the role of plants in the water cycle! Here you can find the talk and some pictures!

IMG_20151028_102910718  IMG_8827

IMG_8829   IMG_8833    IMG_20151028_113743966

In the field with high school students: in the pictures below Co-PI Jean-Christophe Domec is helping a student from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) in Durham, NC with her project on the effect of “climate change on fire intensity”. JC Domec is showing the different sensors used to measure climatic parameters and to access water and carbon fluxes in contrasting natural ecosystems (grass field and hardwood forest, Duke University, NC). This educational outreach is a natural continuation of the current activities of JC Domec at the NCSSM with the students from the Advance Placement Environmental Science class taught by Linda Schmalbeck)

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September 2015

The research group participated to the SciREN Event sciren-logo-01at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (Raleigh – Sept. 10, 2015) to bring our work & research to life in local classrooms! Thanks to the annual SciREN event and the lesson plan writing workshop, SciREN is supporting our efforts to develop broader impacts, enhance outreach, and network with local teachers and scientists. Check out our pictures!

IMG_1313    IMG_1302   IMG_1315

We developed a lesson plan for elementary school students/educators on plants, rainfall and the water cycle (now available on the SciREN Portal). The plan is structured according to the 5E format and include several experiments and outdoor activities to stimulate and engage with students!