Meijing Zhang

Address: A207 LSRC Bldg.


Research area:

Coupled surface-subsurface hydrological modeling; Hydrogeology; Groundwater modeling; Parameter optimization algorithm


  • Zhang, M., Burbey, J.T., Quantifying high-resolution hydrologic parameters at the basin scale using InSAR and inverse modeling, Las Vegas Valley, NV, In Revision
  • Zhang, M., Burbey, J.T., A comparison of three optimization schemes for estimating basin wide transmissivities and elastic and inelastic skeletal storage coefficients for Las Vegas Valley, In Revision
  • Zhang, M, Burbey, J.T., Nunes, V. ,Borggaard, J., A New Zonation Algorithm with Parameter Estimation Using Hydraulic Head and Subsidence Observations, Ground Water, DOI: 10.1111/gwat.12102
  • Burbey, J.T., Hisz, D., Murdoch, C.L., Zhang, M, 2012, Quantifying fractured crystalline-rock properties using well tests, earth tides and barometric effects, Journal of Hydrology, v.414-415, no.11, p. 317-328.
  • Burbey, J.T., Zhang, M, 2010, Assessing Hydrofracing Success from Earth Tide and Barometric Response, Ground Water, v.48, no.6, p.825-835.