Gabriele Manoli


PhD – University of Padova (Italy)   MSc – DTU Environment (Denmark) MSc – University of Padova (Italy)


Email:  *now at ETH Zurich                                 

I am an environmental engineer with a strong interest in (eco)hydrological modeling. My past and present research focuses on improving current understanding and forecasting capabilities of the land-atmosphere system: from the transport of contaminants in the soil to the cycling of water, carbon, and energy within the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. I joined the Marani Lab to work on a project founded by the National Science Foundation (NSF-EAR-1344703) on the direct and indirect effects of plantation forestry expansion on usable water in the southeastern US.

I am now at ETH Zurich, Institute of Environmental Engineering, working on modelling oil palm plantations in the tropics (OPAL project, founded by the Swiss National Science Foundation).

In the news:

3 February 2017: “The Mathematics Of Climate Goals”, SciWorks Radio, 88.5 WFDD.

27 January 2017: “Adoption of green technologies needs a tenfold boost to achieve climate change goals, study finds”, The Chronicle, Duke Student Publishing.

3 January 2017: “Tenfold Jump in Green Tech Needed to Meet Global Emissions Targets”, Duke University News. The news story has been covered by several websites and blogs worldwide (e.g.,, EurekAlert, Science World Report, The Economic Times, EconoTimes, Iran daily, Clean Malaysia,,

2 December 2016: the article accepted in Earth’s Future has been picked for the Editor’s highlight.

30 November 2016: “Emissioni di CO2 e temperatura globale: serve un cambio di passo nella diffusione di tecnologie a bassa emissione”, University of Padova News. The news story has been covered by several Italian websites (e.g. Panorama, Padova News, Yahoo Notizie, askanews, adnkronos).

Selected publications:

Manoli G, Katul G, Marani M (2016). Delay-induced rebounds in CO2 emissions and critical time-scales to meet global warming targets. Earth’s Future (Editor’s highlight).

Manoli G, Domec JC, Novick K, Oishi AC, Noormets A, Marani M, Katul G (2016). Soil‐Plant‐Atmosphere Conditions Regulating Convective Cloud Formation Above Southeastern US Pine Plantations. Global Change Biology

Manoli G, Bonetti S, Domec J-C, Putti M, Katul G, and Marani M (2014). Tree root systems competing for soil moisture in a 3D soil–plant model. Advances in Water Resources.


More publications can be found at

Outreach activity

28 October 2015: I have been invited to give a SECU Daily Planet talk at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences on the role of plants in the water cycle!


September 2015: Participation at the SciREN Event 2015 and development of a lesson plan for elementary school students on the theme of Eco-hydrology!