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Op-Ed (Chinese)

Increasing Carbon Emission Abatement Pressure on Regulated Firms
Yicai, 2021-12-24

Net-Zero Economy Is Uncharted Territory
Benliu Finance, 2021-11-20

A Pair of Climate Risk Grey Rhinos
Green Finance Forum of 60, 2021-11-15

Understanding China’s Climate Target in the Annual Government Report
China Environment News,2021-3-8

The Role of Law and Market in Achieving Carbon Neutralization by 2060
China Environment News,2020-10-14

China Fulfills Its Commitment to Tackle Climate Change
Guangming Daily,2019-12-21

China Shoulders Responsibility in Global Climate Governance
Guangming Daily,2018-5-26

Do Not Blame Online Shopping for PackagingWastes
China Environment News,2017-12-13

We Should Also Listen to Those Who Benefit from Environmental Regulation
China Environment News,2017-9-25

China Should Adopt Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Policy Making
China Environmental Management,2017,9(4):20-22

When the U.S. Withdraws from the Paris Agreement, What Should China Do?
FT Chinese,2017-6-6

Opportunities and Challenges for Green Finance
Jiangsu Banking Industry,2017-3

What Should Regulators Do Between Finance and Industry?
Economic Observer,2017-5-24

Make Green Investment Profitable.
China Economic Information,2017-5-17

Can Other Firms Follow Delong’s Environmental Leadership?
Yabuli China Entrepreneur Forum,2017-4-28

Global Climate Governance: From China’s Plan to China’s Action
Guangming Daily,2016-11-23

An Interview with Environmental Economist Professor Zhang Junjie
Economic Information Translation Cluster,2016-10-8

The U.S. Is the Biggest Uncertainty in Implementing the Paris Agreement

Taxation is better than driving restrictions to curb air pollution
China Youth Daily,2016-1-22

The Opportunities and Challenges of Environmental Protection in the 13th Five-Year Plan
Outlook Weekly,2016-1-20

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