Marine Conservation Service Learning Students = Awesome Authors on the iTunes Store

I am always amazed at how dedicated and thoughtful my students are. This year in my Marine Conservation Service Learning class (Co-taught with Tom Schultz, the Director of our Marine Conservation Molecular Facility), we tasked our students with developing a digital textbook for the middle-school kids they were teaching about both local and global marine conservation issues. Well, that book was just published on the iTunes book store – a free download for anyone who has an iPad to use. Details on the book can be found here on my page, and here on the Apple website.

Ashley Yeager from Duke New also posted a story about this on the Duke News website!

Congratulations to Ruthie, Liz, Logan, Hannah and Aaron for the awesome work, and to Tom for his help in editing the text. Can’t wait until this fall when students will add new chapters to this ever-evolving resource for middle-school programs focusing on marine conservation!

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