Cachalot at Science Online 2012

[photo size=’small’ align=’right’][/photo]I’m just back from the Science Online 2012 conference held at NC State during last Thursday through Saturday and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m worn out. The pace of the conference surpasses any concept of frenetic behavior, and I was amazed at how most of the seasoned ‘Scio’ people could carry on multiple conversations at any given time – using Twitter or email, talking with people and then dropping in the occasional non-verbal cue to someone across the room. These folks left me in the dust.

I got to meet a bunch of fantastic people, and I hope some new colleagues. It was one of the most rewarding conferences I have ever been to actually.

The frenetic pace appears to continue post conference, as they have already posted some videos of certain sessions online – including ours when Adam and I demoed Cachalot. I’m loading it below so you can check it out.