The Venture Mentoring Program and related Workshops

The Venture Mentoring Program is an entrepreneurship curriculum developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Taught by successful, serial entrepreneurs with deep experience in marketing, finance and start-up operations, the program is targeted at technology enthusiasts who want to develop the broad skill-set needed to start and grow a new venture.

This program is based on the instructors’ direct experience from past and present ventures, with a focus on fundamental and practical aspects of starting, growing and exiting a technology company. To accelerate their learning, students are provided examples and tools that they can immediately apply to their own career or entrepreneurial venture. 

The Venture Mentoring Program (VMP) is a low cost, condensed version of the Nicholas School EI&E Certificate. The VMP is taught via case studies, pre-recorded lectures and in-class learning (lectures and exercises). The program is designed to be delivered electronically as a stand-alone curriculum to be supported by your institution’s personnel. Students will use the course to build a portfolio of documents for their company that include a value proposition statement, a 1-page product/company description, an intellectual capital assessment, a marketing communications plan, a high-level financial plan, a dilution model and a company presentation. The team also teaches key aspects of the entrepreneurship curriculum as workshops.

Introduction to Guerrilla Marketing Workshop

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Photo credit: Whitney van Schyndel

Our one-day workshop, “Introduction to Guerrilla Marketing,” focuses on a core skill that every entrepreneur needs: the ability to communicate effectively. Participants will learn the following:

  • Understanding the early-stage environment.
  • Positioning your company (and yourself).
  • Focusing your message.
  • The value of marketing communications.



Introduction to Start-up Business Planning Workshop

Our two-day workshop, “Introduction to Start-up Business Planning,” introduces key concepts for starting a business. Main topics of the workshop are:

  • How to evaluate a business opportunity;
  • Identifying a value proposition;
  • Communicating value to the market/customer base;
  • Identifying a practical implementation path.

Interested in the VMP or a training workshop? Please contact jeskoatdukedotcom for more information.

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