“I landed a job doing business development at a company [in Silicon Valley]…. Silicon Valley is more than I could have imagined, and I can vouch for the relevance of your entrepreneurial experience course in a startup environment.”

– Dan Schulz


“Our summer with Kedge in Kenya went wonderfully! High demand for participation led us to admit two additional students to our first Kedge class, exceeding our original goal of ten students.

The EI&E program was instrumental in making this happen. The seed funding that we were awarded formed the base from which we were able to raise an additional $5,000 of matching funds from crowdfunding and other Duke sources, which made us incredibly well-positioned to run Kedge in Kenya and create a really meaningful pilot program. And we’re still getting support: Joe and I are now taking the Entrepreneurial Experience course, and the amount of guidance and help we’ve received through that has been awesome. 

As we plan for future Kedge events, we’d like to spend more time guiding graduates toward next steps for growing their business or continuing their training. We are working to build partnerships with microloan, microfinance and advanced business education programs to help ensure our graduates have maximum opportunities available to them.

We’ve made it our mission to support 100 new entrepreneurs and reach three countries by 2017. Each of these better-trained business owners can create cascades of change in their communities, potentially impacting thousands of rural East Africans and encouraging a new generation of entrepreneurs.”

– Alexandra E. Sutton, Doctoral Student, University Program in Ecology, Kedge Founder and CEO


“Jesko does a very good job bringing in experts. He has Karl von Gunten do marketing, Rick Scott do finance, and he focuses on business development as his expertise. Having been an entrepreneur himself, Jesko is very open about his failures and successes as a way for us to not make the same mistakes.  Whether dilution of shares or other issues that you don’t realize going into a company, he taught us a lot of that. Even in the smaller negotiations I’m doing for our start-up right now, I’m a lot more aware of what companies are proposing and how that would affect our start-up.”

– Sidharth Sharma, MEM’14, Concentration in Energy & Environment, Certificate in Environmental Innovation & Entrepreneurship, CFO and Co-Founder of Mobtown Fermentation LLC


“Since Duke, Nomos has continued to develop – and we are now entering our next round of funding…I just wanted to let you know that I have used – and continue to use – your dilution model from class. Benefits I have found include:

  • Knowing exactly what impacts to expect from any round of investment
  • The ability to work around dilution by using the model to work out what I want to avoid
  • Having a clear track of what has happened to date with share issues.”

– Jonathan Mirkin, Managing Director, Nomos


“I had the privilege to tell you already that I feel that I have taken so much from your course – not only from the academic and professional point of view (the learning curves material that you’ve taught us should become a part of our core courses), but, more importantly, from the human, life-experience perspective: your recurring theme on ‘adding value’ and your powerful insight on successful entrepreneurs as those who are skilled at identifying the critical risks in the sea of other factors, and mitigating them wisely – are profound, deep and immensely impactful in my eyes. Many thanks again for the wonderful course – and for your priceless lessons.”
– Roman Brik, Duke University, Fuqua School of Business MBA ’13


“…the project has been admitted into a very prestigious program [that] supports the formation of new companies in Barcelona [and] gives money, mentoring, a spot in a bioincubator, and very good connections to the top projects. In addition, I am already negotiating the transfer of the patents from the research institute to the company, and next week I am talking to the most important VC firm in Spain, which has shown a huge interest in the project. …I find the compilation of files and contracts…you gave us during the class very useful as a guidance for many documents I am building…”
– Judit Anido, Ph.D., MBA, Duke University, Fuqua School of Business


“…thank you for your class during Spring of 2012.  I am currently involved with raising funds for a couple businesses and the work we did in class was spot-on in everything I need to do for a start-up.”
– Sid Lunawat

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