Environmental Innovation & Entrepreneurship Student Bios
Graduation Date: May 2016
Maximilian Christman received his B.S. in Sustainable Energy from Arizona State University and has spent his academic career focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency. Through experiences with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Defense Fund, Max has built a background in the non-profit and policy sectors. With the Environmental Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate, Max hopes to work in the for-profit or consulting industry following graduation from the Nicholas School.
Mark Ziman applies his passion for entrepreneurship and the skills gained in the EI&E courses through innovative approaches to water resource management. Mark and his student team were finalists in the Barrett, UNC, and Duke start-up business challenges with a venture which used sophisticated modeling software to maximize water output from snow packed watersheds. In his master project, Mark worked with a group of investors to develop a service which integrates, analyzes, and visualizes large datasets to assess water related risks.
Graduation Date: December 2015
Kelly Garvy earned a master of environmental management degree from the Nicholas School of the Environment, with a concentration in environmental economics and policy. Prior to earning her masters degree, Kelly received a bachelor of science degree in environmental sciences from the University of Notre Dame.
Graduation Date: May 2015
Paul E. Triulzi is a graduate student in Liberal Studies focusing on Environmental Entrepreneurship. He has an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and more than 20 years of corporate experience in Information Technology for environmental and communications businesses. He is interested in developing a research and design business that brings environmentally-sensitive products to market. He believes that there is a tremendous need for advances in environmental and resource conservation.
Graduation Date: May 2014
Gabriela Anhalzer’s focus is on using market-based initiatives to achieve a sustainable use of resources, with a special interest in the developing world. Gabriela’s current project works with the seafood industry, looking for economic and market incentives to achieve sustainability and traceability. She views entrepreneurship to be an exciting and challenging platform to drive her passion to make a difference in our natural world.
Lindsey Dattels' passion for entrepreneurship grew from her experiences starting a jewelry-making enterprise at a local orphanage in Cameroon, in addition to helping Cameroonians with the technical and business expertise they needed to start their own successful businesses. She is excited to be involved in the Environmental Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate to further develop skills required by entrepreneurs to someday start her own business in the environmental field.
Elizabeth Demarco holds a BA in Economics from Barnard College, Columbia University and worked as a financial analyst for Houlihan Lokey prior to her enrollment at the NSOE at Duke. Upon graduation, Elizabeth would like to combine her business experience and environmental knowledge in a business management role at an environmentally-focused start-up. This summer, Elizabeth worked as a business management intern for an early-stage start-up company in Los Angeles, CA working on business model validation, marketing, website development and environmental sustainability consulting.
Drew Howard is a Master of Environmental Management candidate with a focus in Economics. At NSOE, Drew’s masters project works with two environmental start-ups, providing them with marketing, communications, new market analysis and other assistance. Drew applied the skills learned from the Entrepreneurship program to be successful as a marketing development intern in Washington D.C. this summer and in his work with the Bass Connections in Energy Program to improve energy efficiency in the Durham housing sector.
Sidharth Sharma is a Master of Environmental Management candidate with a concentration in Energy. His research interests include sustainable business strategy, energy communication and energy efficiency. With experiences ranging from medical research to economic development consulting, he is interested in solving the problems of a variety of fields through the implementation of environmental solutions.
Victor Smith is a second year Master of Environmental Management candidate, with a concentration in Energy and the Environment. During his time at the Nicholas School he helped found Refrackt, a water treatment start-up that uses membrane distillation to cost effectively treat hydraulic fracturing wastewater. Victor's role in the company is Chief Marketing Officer, a capacity in which he often has occasion to use marketing skills acquired over the course of his time in the Entrepreneurship certificate program.
Christine Yip graduated from Bowdoin College with degrees in Economics and Computer Science. She is currently enrolled in the Sanford School of Public Policy but believes that the major policy issues of today (climate change, poverty, etc.) require interdisciplinary solutions. Christine recently worked on a zero-waste consulting project in the local community. She credits the Environmental Innovation and Entrepreneurship program for providing her with the opportunity to learn and develop skills necessary to address many of the challenges in our world today.

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