Coursework Planning Form

The purpose of this form is to give EI&E Certificate students feedback on their certificate plan to ensure it meets all program requirements. The completed form is due by Friday, April 14, 2017, but can be turned in earlier.

Required Coursework

Students wishing to earn a certificate in Environmental Innovation and Entrepreneurship are required to complete 4 core courses and 1 elective course totaling to a minimum of 12 course credits. Please fill out the form below with the courses you plan to take to fulfill these requirements:

Coursework Requirements

  •   Social Entrepreneurship (MANAGEMT 750)
      Sustainable Systems Theory & Drivers (ENVIRON 811)
      Entrepreneurial Execution, Planning, and Management (STRATEGY 845)
  •   Yes
  •   Yes


Students may be allowed to substitute courses from other Duke departments, UNC or NC State to fulfill these requirements, but only when pre-approved by the Certificate Director. To secure pre-approval, documentation of course content and a written justification of how the substitution will enhance the student’s educational experience should be submitted for approval to the certificate manager BEFORE the course is taken in order to count toward completion of the certificate.

Thank you for submission.

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