Cool Technologies

We are inspired by cool new technologies, particularly as they relate to reducing our carbon footprint. Here are some fun examples from our companies and students:

BaseTrace – tracing fluids:

Frosty, the world’s smallest ice maker:

Curious about what is possible? Check out this inspirational video from Billions in Change.

The video shows how a group of entrepreneurs and inventors funded by an unconventional billionaire are developing beautifully simple inventions to address some of the worlds most pressing needs (such as providing electricity to the world’s poor) while minimizing environmental costs.

Other Innovations to Watch

The WWF has teamed technology and innovation to come up with creative solutions for animal conservation.  Read more here. Some of the technology adapted by the WWF was developed for military applications. This was also the focus of a recent Mega Trends talk given by Stephen Lee of the Army Research Office. Check out Stephen’s talk here for other innovative ways to use technology to conserve threatened and endangered species.

Also, check out our “Emerging Technologies” page to learn about some new technologies we are currently keeping our eyes on.

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