New News! 2016 Summer Funding

The Nicholas Environmental Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate is a 12-credit program that teaches students to develop, evaluate, refine, and launch a new sustainable product or service.

Hear what Dr. Jesko von Windheim, director of the program, has to say about how to teach entrepreneurship, how businesses can grow out of research, and where the green of environment and money meet.

The EI&E leadership team is comprised of career entrepreneurs, with extensive focus on early-stage start-ups. Companies that have been established by the team include:

We are inspired by cool new technologies, particularly as they relate to reducing our carbon footprint. Here are some fun examples:

Frosty, the world’s smallest ice maker

Candle power generation

Also, check out our “Emerging Technologies” page to learn about some new technologies we are currently keeping our eyes on.

2016 Summer Funding


Banner image: Mist on Lake Martin (detail), from the Acadian Wetlands series 
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