Before You Arrive

As you prepare for your arrival to Duke University, be sure to complete the following in a timely manner and by the set deadlines.

Pre-Arrival Check List

The process to secure housing may prove to be one of the most time-consuming aspects of your transition to Duke University. Begin your process early, and take advantage of Housing Resource Page in order to find the housing that best fits your budget and needs.
All Duke students (not just international students) are required to complete their immunizations and submit them to Duke Student Health through online forms. The priority deadline is December 15 to allow time for processing. Your forms will be accepted until 30 days after the start of classes, but it is much better to have all your forms in before you arrive.
  • Follow this link to find the required forms:
  • For international students: you should receive all the required immunizations in China except for the TB test. You must complete the TB test at Duke after you arrive.  I will send you more information about scheduling an appointment in a later email.
Steps for Immunization Compliance

STEP 1: Complete the online Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire.

STEP 2: You will receive an email after completing the questionnaire. Print the PDF and follow the instructions provided.

STEP 3: Have a doctor’s office, clinic or health department complete the correct Mandatory Immunization Requirements Form below. Forms cannot be signed by family members. STEP 4: Log into the Student Health Gateway.
  • Click the "Forms" tab and complete the Immunizations Page in EMF Forms.
STEP 5: Submit your signed Mandatory Immunization Form and your TB Screening Questionnaire (along with any additional testing or documents if applicable) via one of the methods below: STEP 6: Monitor your Duke Email. Communications regarding your compliance status can be found by logging into the Student Health Gateway and clicking on “Messages” on the left tool bar. Your Duke email will notify you when a new message has been sent. STEP 7: Register after July 1 for your MyChart accounts.
Students with F-1 visas must register in person with Duke Visa Services (DVS). If you arrive in December, you need to register soon after you arrive. To make this process faster, DVS has provided an E-registration option for students. After you complete the E-registration, you will bring all your documents to DVS. Follow this link to read the instructions and download the E-Registration program:
  1. Please review the Student E-Registration.
  2. Upload the following visa documents to the F-1 Students StrongBox Folder 
  3. Bring your passport to the Duke Visa Services Office from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. For directions to our office, please review our Driving Directions and Map webpage.
Every member of the Duke community will have a Mobile Duke Card. This ID card gives faculty, students and staff access to buildings and services and enhances campus security. Your card will be activated to allow access to the two computer labs in the Sanford School, NSOE building and to buildings and facilities after hours during the week, and on weekends. Another feature of the Duke Card is the flexible spending account, which will allow you to add funds and pay for meals and services on campus. Physical ID Card are not provided at this time. To set up your Mobile Duke Card, visit the Duke Card Website to log in with your NetID and password and upload your photo. You can find further instructions for setting up your Mobile DukeCard
  1. Submit your DukeCard Photo as soon as possible
  2. Install Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
  3. Install Transact eAccounts Mobile at the Apple App Store or on Google Play
  4. Set your DukeCard PIN
Review the Parking & Transportation website for resources. Learn about bus routes, getting a GoPass to ride public transit, and bike sharing! You can also get personalized advice by filling out this webform: Commuter Planning

Airport Transportation 

The easiest way to get from Raleigh/Durham Airport (RDU) to your housing and/or Duke University campus, is by utilizing a Taxi/Uber/Lyft. The fare is about $30.00 - $40.00 to Durham and Duke. A tip of 10% plus $1.00 per suitcase is normal.

You can find additional transportation resources on the RDU Ground Transportation Resources page. There you will find approved transportation providers if you wish to schedule a pickup in advance.

HERE you’ll find a visual of the different transportation options and average cost.

Spring 2023 bills will be issued November 28 and will be due on January 7. You will receive an email when these are available on DukeHub.

More info on billing dates:

Making Payments Overview:

International Payment options: