Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Agreement

Web sites on the Word Press Network at sites.nicholas.duke.edu are provided to faculty, staff and student groups of the Nicholas School by request to webmanager@nicholas.duke.edu for school related use.  Examples of such use include but are not limited to: faculty research sites, lab and center sites and project-based sites.  The faculty or staff member who requests the site assumes responsibility for its content whether that content was added by the original requestor or by someone he/she designates to manage the site.  Student groups must have a faculty or staff representative who agrees to assume this responsibility.

Content posted to the site must comply with Duke’s Data Classification Standard, which categorizes data, and specifies the protections legally required for each type of data.  The Data Classification Standard, risk assessment tools, vulnerability management policy and incident management procedures are available on the University IT Security Office (security.duke.edu) and the Information Security Office (intranet.mc.duke.edu/dhts/iso) websites.

Websites on sites.nicholas.duke.edu are backed up on a regular basis and will be supported by Nicholas School web staff until such time as the faculty or staff member responsible has left the Nicholas School or the need for the site has passed.  At that time, efforts will be made to work with the site owner to transfer or archive the site.

A current version of this policy can be found online at sites.nicholas.duke.edu/guidelines/.