What is the New Normal?

Photo Credit: Milo Bostock, Flickr

Photo Credit: Milo Bostock, Flickr

What is the new normal?

Grey seals were extirpated from the North Atlantic coast of the United States due to bounty programs established in the 1800’s. Following their extirpation, human development proceeded as if grey seals were never a part of the historic system. Grey seals have been absent from this area now for most of the development of modern science and ecology and are now re-populating the area at a dramatic rate.

The Development of the Seascape of Fear!

Most people in the area have grown up with out the presence of these seals in their back yard, and with the sudden reappearance, they have many questions and are worried.

  • Will grey seals eat all the fish?
  • Are grey seals good neighbors? Are they aesthetically appealing?
  • Will they attract white sharks?