Student Instructions UG

Nicholas School Recognition Ceremony (Saturday, May 7)

Things to Remember

1.  Submit your student bio in advance.

2.  If you have not yet confirmed your plans to attend, please promptly RSVP.  After April 1, contact Bailee Starnes directly. 

3.  Be in room in Wilson Recreation Center by 12:15 PM, with cap, gown and tassel.

4.  Procession will begin promptly at 1:00 PM. Students will process double file behind the dean, the other speakers and the faculty.

5.  The ceremony should be over around 2:30 PM.

6.  The reception will follow outside of Wilson Recreation Center. Please encourage families to attend.

7.  Duke Commencement is Sunday, May 8 in Wallace Wade Stadium. Please visit the Duke Commencement website for details on when and where you need to be. Staff will be there to assist you in lining up.