IT-Related Info


  • Your NetID will be good for one (1) year after graduation. Email access to your address will continue. You can also request an alumni forwarding address – not an account, but an alias, back to your Gmail, etc.


  • Access to the CIFS home directory provided by Duke OIT will also continue. If you have files stored on the GIS class server, please contact John Fay.


  • You should no longer download software from Duke Site License and must abide by the Installation and Termination Agreement you made downloading software while a student.
  • Access to OneDrive and Box will continue with your NetID/Duke email for a year after you graduate.

Mailing Lists

  • Remove yourself from Duke mailing lists by logging on with your NetID address and/or your alias address at and from Nicholas School mailing lists at

Building Access

  • Your access to the computers in NSOE labs will continue as long as your NetID credentials are good. However, building and room access with your DukeCard will be disabled after you graduate. Cards are cancelled in batches by the Registrar’s Office, so you may still have access while a classmate does not, but by University policy, no extensions are allowed.
  • If you need continued building access after graduation, contact Anne Davis to request a new card, but only once your current card has been suspended in the system.