Apply to Graduate

Students expecting to complete their degree requirements in May 2019 must apply to graduate by no later than Friday, January 25 in the DukeHub

This is not a soft deadline, and failure to meet this deadline will prevent you from graduating this spring.

It is easy to apply and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete: 

1.  Click on the “Forms & Requests” tab

2.  Click on the “Apply for Graduate” tab

3.  Click on the correct degree/program –dual degree students will need to apply for each degree

4.  Choose the expected term of graduation- spring 2019

5.  You will be asked to provide your MP title, your name exactly as you wish it to appear on your diploma, and a mailing address where you want your diploma sent if you do not pick it up. Provide your MP title as it exists at the time that you apply. There will be an opportunity to modify your title if needed.

6.  Be sure you click the Submit button when you are finished.

7.  Once you submit the information you cannot go back and change anything yourself. You will need to notify me of any changes to your name or your address. Send an email to

>> The deadline to apply to graduate is Friday, January 25.