The Spring 2019 Place-based Schedule.

The final 2019 schedule will be available in spring 2019. Get an idea of events and activities by viewing the 2018 schedule.

> Required: May 9-10

Graduation/Leadership PBS, May 9-12






Thursday, May 9 and Friday, May 10 Leadership Wrap-up & MP Presentations All Day

Environment Hall/Field Auditorium

DEL-MEM  Parking available Bryan Center Visitor Lot (PGIV) > MAP


Friday, May 10 Graduation Reception Afternoon

Environment Hall/Wegner Art Gallery

Same as above. Parking available in Circuit Lot > MAP
Saturday, May 11 NSOE Recognition Ceremony; RSVP to attend 9:00-11:00am; line-up at 8:15am

Chemistry Lot, West Campus

MEM, MF, DEL-MEM, NSOE PhD, and JD/MA Tickets not required;  RSVP to attend. Parking available in Circuit Lot > MAP
Saturday, May 11 Reception for NSOE Recognition Ceremony 11:00-12:30pm

Environment Hall/2nd Floor & Patio

Same as above. Tickets not required; Parking in the Circuit Lot  > MAP
Sunday, May 12 University-wide Commencement Ceremony 9:30-11:30am; line-up 8:15am; procession of candidates at 9:00am

Wallace Wade Stadium, West Campus

All spring graduates 

(this includes September and December 2018 grads)

See the Duke Commencement Website for more info and Student information


All of the below information, and the most current NS and Duke Graduation information and links can also be found the graduation website.

  • If there are any updates, students will be notified via their Duke email address. If you’d like a hardcopy, bring one with you. Note: we will not be in our usual classroom in the LSRC, but rather Field Auditorium in Environment Hall (the building right next to the LSRC).
  • The NSOE Graduation site has info about alumni benefits, the student exit evaluation, and other graduation details. Student instructions for the Nicholas School ceremony can be found here.
  • Parking: As we’ve mentioned, parking will be at a premium. For Thursday and Friday, your best bet will be the Bryan Center Parking Garage (map attached), but as it’s a busy week, it cannot be guaranteed. The Circuit Lot (at the corner of LaSalle and Circuitmay be open for guests, and would be worth a look before you head over to Bryan Center. It’s right across the street from Environment Hall. Please allow yourself plenty of time each morning to park and walk to Environment Hall to be on time for our sessions. General Duke parking information during Commencement week can be found here.
  • Miscellaneous:



Things to Remember

1.  Bring your hood by Student Services as soon as you have picked up your academic apparel. We will transport all hoods to the site. We need your hood no later than noon on Friday  (before the NSOE Recognition Ceremony), but any time before that is great.

2.  If you have not yet confirmed who will hood you, please do so promptly and let Cindy Peters know (if you did not provide this info in the graduation attendance form).

3.  Be in the small lot next to the Chemistry lot by 8:15am Saturday morning. Wear your cap, gown and tassel.

4.  Line-up will be by program area and then by presenter/hooder and then alphabetical by student last name.

5.  Procession will begin promptly at 9:00. Students will process double file behind the dean, the other speakers and the faculty.

6.  The ceremony should be over around 11:00.

7.  The reception will be in Environment Hall; please encourage your families to move quickly to EH as we need to reorganize the tent for the undergraduate ceremony immediately following our ceremony.

8.  Duke Commencement is Sunday, May 12 in Wallace Wade Stadium. Please visit the Duke Commencement website for details on when and where you need to be. Staff will be there to assist you in lining up. 


On Saturday morning May 11, gather in the small parking lot adjacent to the large tent for line-up. The processional will be led by the dean and dignitaries in double file. The faculty will process in after the dignitaries, then the MEM and MFs and then the PhDs. We will be there to help you get lined up in the correct order. You should be wearing your academic apparel except for the hood.

Seats will be 12 on the right and 12 on the left of the center aisle. When it comes time to go on stage, the entire row (24 seats across) will stand and move to the right. There will be staff members there to assist and direct you.

Once the procession finishes, the dean will invite everyone to be seated. After all the speakers are finished, the first group (CEMs) will be instructed to go to the stage. At that point the first row (regardless of program area) will stand and move to the right. Please move as quickly as you can and stand off to the right so that you can see and so that families can see.

Wait at the top step to the stage until your name is called. Move directly in front of your advisor and turn to face the audience. Your advisor will slip your hood over your head, you may have to bend over a bit to make it easier; turn around and shake his/her hand; proceed in front of the podium to the dean. He will give you your diploma folder; shake his hand. There will be at least two other dignitaries on the stage right standing alongside the dean, shake their hands as well; go down the stairs to the table and get your diploma. Return to your seat as quickly as you can, crossing IN FRONT of the stage.

PhDs: When your name is called, please stand next to the podium and face the audience. Your advisor will say a few words about you and shake your hand. Proceed in front of the podium and shake the hands of the dean, other dignitaries; go down the stairs and return to your seat. You will NOT be hooded nor receive a diploma (the Graduate School ceremony Saturday evening will hood you and give you your diploma).


Contact Cindy Peters ( ahead of time for handicapped parking for your family member; a special drop-off location will be available at the tent/event site and then park in the designated place on Circuit Drive. If your family member requires special accommodations, please contact Cindy Peters no later than April 15. Everyone else please park in Circuit Lot and walk down to Chemistry Lot.

Once the ceremony is over, please move as quickly as possible to the reception in Environment Hall. The tent needs to be reconfigured for another ceremony in the afternoon.

If it rains, we will continue with the ceremony. If the weather is dangerous we will notify you by email and on the website as to the plan. If you do not hear from us or see anything on the website, then the ceremony WILL go on. You might want to encourage your guests to bring their umbrella just to be safe.

There will be portable lavatories available near the tent. Water will be available but no coffee.


If special accommodations are needed, contact Cindy Peters at no later than April 15.


Please don’t forget to do your To-Do’s to include but not limited to:

  1. Apply to graduate in the DukeHub
  2. RSVP for graduation
  3. Submit your graduation checklist

More info here…


Hashtags to share your graduation experience with family, friends, colleagues: #NewNicAlumni#nicschool19