Environmental Communications – Application for Reduced Rate

The Nicholas School provides a limited number of opportunities to receive a discounted rate for some executive education courses. 



1. Financial need. 

2. Demonstrated need for the content of the executive education course to enhance/complete a specific project or campaign related to environmental education or outreach.

3. Ability of the recipient to reach a diverse audience and/or meet the needs of underserved populations as a result of this training.


Applications are reviewed on a course-by-course basis. Submit a separate application for each course for which you would like to be considered.

Apply via our online form prior to registering for a course. Application should include complete and thorough answers to all essay questions.

For priority consideration applications must be received 3-6 weeks prior to course start (depending on the course). Applicants will be notified approximately 1 week after submission deadline.

If approved for a discounted rate, discounts typically fall in the range of 10-50% per course. Applicants (and/or their employers or sponsors) are responsible for paying the rest of the course’s cost. 


For information on Executive Education courses, please contact execed@nicholas.duke.edu with any questions.


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