Environmental Communications Online Short Courses

Every environmental organization has a message and a story to tell, but it's easy for your message to get lost in the white noise of today's media and communication landscape. 

Nicholas School of the Environment’s Executive Education team is there to help, crafting courses specifically designed to help you understand behavior change, develop your message, and effectively position your message to reach the intended audiences. With experienced faculty and industry-leading professionals structuring the curriculum, our courses hone your social media, planning, writing, media, and strategy skills to provide a versatile communications toolset for voicing your organization's message. 

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    Environmental Communications Online Short Courses

    Writing for Environmental Professionals

    Writing in environmental fields encompasses many genres, from policy memos to manuals, blog posts to interpretive signs. Make sure you have a powerful writing skillset to traverse the genres in your field or industry through this online course that helps you refine and reflect on your writing process. Register Here.


    Social Media for Environmental Communications

    Buzz-worthy social media campaigns don't just happen, they take careful planning and execution to reach your audience in the most efficient and impactful way. Learn from a global cohort of environmental professionals who utilize mainstream and emerging social media platforms for research, promotion, and networking. Register Here.

    Environmental Marketing Strategy for Behavior Change

    This course is an intermediate complementary course to the online course “Environmental Communications for Behavior Change”, which provides a practical overview of a social marketing campaign.  We encourage students to take both classes; they are fundamentally different, yet complementary. Register here >>


    Environmental Communication for Behavior Change

    In order to address and create long-term solutions to environmental problems, human behavior needs to change. This online course provides environmental professionals with a practical introduction to the strategies, methods, and tools of environmental communication that effectively lead to changes in behavior. Register Here.

    Environmental Communications Electives at the Center for Documentary Studies

    Capture the power of video by developing your ability to apply concepts in documentary arts to environmental campaigns through the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. Training students in video production, editing and the philosophical approaches to documentary, these courses help participants explore concepts in documentary arts and applying them to their own work. Register Here.


    Building an Online Community Through Audio Storytelling

    This online course will teach you to effectively communicate complex scientific and conservation principles for consumption by your audience on any digital platform. Register here >>



    Want to be an environmental communications guru?

    Our online short courses in Environmental Communications equips working environmental professionals with the skillset they need to implement successful environmental campaigns with compelling, effective environmental messages. Whether an NGO director that wears many hats or a young environmental professional looking to brush up on communication skills, completing courses in Environmental Communications ensures you have a well-rounded, actionable set of skills to take on the challenges of your organization while honing your own personal and professional talents. Register Here.

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    For information on future course schedules, please contact the Executive Ed office at execed@nicholas.duke.edu


    The Nicholas School's online short courses in Environmental Communications equips working environmental professionals with the tools you need to implement a successful environmental campaign. These are non-degree courses.

    The Executive Education online short courses do not carry Duke academic credit - They are non-credit professional development offerings.


    Our goal is to provide you with the resources to create an effective and manageable framework to develop a compelling environmental message for yourself or your organization. The offered courses provide an understanding of the philosophy of environmental behavior change and help participants develop specific skills in marketing, writing, self-editing, social media, and planning.

    Each course is divided into approximately six one-hour, web-based sessions held weekly.

    All of the courses are conducted in an engaging, synchronous online format that allows participants to maintain their full-time positions while learning tangible new skills and networking with classmates from all over the world without the time or expense of travel. Duke instructors lead each class and are available to advise participants on weekly projects and assignments.