2015 Physical Data

Physical Measurements by Maria Hernandez Cortes (4 Aug 2015)


temperature of water: 78 degrees fer.

25 degrees c.

turbidity:1st- 1meter

2nd- 1 meter and 2cm

Stream width:

1st try with steven and randy: 43ft

2nd try with brandon and Itika: 47ft

Stream depth:

steven and randy data(every 11ft):

1st- 26in

2nd- 32in

3rd- 26.5in

4th- 5in

Brandon and Itika data(every 12.5ft):

1st- 40in

2nd- 44in

3rd- 31in

4th- 15in


New Hope Creek Data by Nathan Bell (4 Aug 2015)

Weather 8/3: Clear and sunny

Weather 8/4: Clear and sunny

Creek width: 42 feet

Water temperature: 24 C

Dominate substrate: Gravel and mud

Turbidity: 1 Meter

Water odor: N/A

Water color: Oily sheen, Brown/muddy

Water flow: 54 minutes to travel 20 feet


Physical Data – Original Data Sheetes by Alex Valdez

Physical Stream Measurements

Temperature & Turbidity