2015 Chemical Data

Name: Anya Quenon

Date: 8/5/2015

Today we ran a chemical analysis of the quality of the water in New Hope Creek. My partner and I tested the stream’s phosphorus and nitrogen levels. We found very low levels of both nitrogen and phosphorus: only .05 mg/L of nitrogen and 2.667 mg/L of phosphorus. This means that the stream has very high water quality because if the water contains too much nitrogen and phosphorus, eutrophication occurs and all of the oxygen in the stream is depleted. When streams have no oxygen, no animals are able to live in the stream and these areas are called dead zones. Since there are low levels of these contaminants, there most likely are many species in the stream. We also have evidence of the diversity of the stream because we saw snakes, butterflies, fish, and a newt! Plus, few of us fell in while climbing over rocks in the stream.


Name: Paula Tejada

Date: 8/5/2015

0 mg Nitrate, 0 mg Phosphate


Name: Max (Malinda) Jolly

Date: 8/5/2015

On the third day, we went to New Hope Creek and preformed chemical testing on the stream water. My partner and I were testing the stream water for Phosphorous and Nitrogen. The stream contains 2.667mg/L of Phosphorus and .05mg/L of Nitrogen. Since the stream water has somewhat of a low expectancy for phosphorus, there was not as much Algae.