ESSP 2014 Week 1 Final Reflections

Reflection 1 by Kai Kelley, Jr. (photos added by Dr. Nicolette Cagle)

Based on the week, I was really impressed with the program. I learned a lot from this program. Working in the creek was really interesting. I learned how to take chemistry test to test the water quality, do a visual stream assessment and i also learned about the different types of organisms in the ocean.

It was really fun playing in the creek and exploring nature. I gained a lot more respect for nature now that I saw more of it. It was amazing to see such a pretty place in Durham. It was nice to do something new because I’ve never did anything like that before.

New Hope Creek in the Duke Forest (near Gate 26,  July 16, 2014)

New Hope Creek in the Duke Forest (near Gate 26, July 16, 2014)

I liked being able to volunteer at the park. It was nice meeting the man and being able to help the environment out a little more by planting the trees. I think that was one of the best parts of this week was helping out the environment. I felt like I was making a difference to Durham and I was helping out the animals.

Volunteering at Sandy Creek Park (16 July 2014)

Volunteering at Sandy Creek Park (16 July 2014)

I also like the presentations. I like the fact that we not only just learned about environmental science, but we also learned about techniques to follow in the future like Tori talking to us about college and what to do when applying, what programs to take advantage of and stuff. I like the talk with Zach who basically gave a guide to life and how to choose what you want to do. He was very creative and interesting. I liked Katie’s presentation about presentations. I think that was the best presentation. She made sure to keep our attention, interacted with us while teaching us good skills about doing a presentation. She did a very good job with that.

Overall, I am very happy that I came to ESSP because I learned a lot and I got to experience a lot of new things that I will take with me from now on. I really appreciate Nikki Cagle, Katie and Mason for taking time to teach teenagers valuable things and make it fun.

Reflection 2 by Matthew Schutz (photos added by Dr. Nicolette Cagle)

Overall, I have really enjoyed this camp. It really opened my eyes to what you can do if you put your mind to it. We helped care for a local stream by analyzing its qualities, doing tests with the water, and checking for macroinverterbrates.

It felt good to help care for the stream, it felt like I was actually doing something good for the community and using my time to help something instead of wasting it watching TV or playing Soccer.

Overall, VERY FUN camp, I enjoyed it a lot and would gladly come back next year to help!


Reflection 3 by Thomas Baraldi

I can’t believe that this is the final day for this program. I have learned so much about the environmental field and myself in these past 5 days.

This program has convinced me to be more active in the environment and get involved with sustainability clubs in college. This program has also influenced my decision on which colleges I will apply to.

I learned that the environment is a very fragile and delicate aspect of our planet. Different factors can either hurt or help the environment when their quantities are increased or decreased. I learned how chlorine can devastate part of a habitat and it can be increased just by the weather.

This program is an eye-opening experience and I am excited to use this experience in my near future.



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