Community Partners

The Environmental Science Summer Program (ESSP) provides gifted Durham Public Schools high school students – from a variety of cultural, socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and experiential backgrounds – with an opportunity to increase their environmental knowledge, enhance their scientific field and laboratory skills, and jumpstart their career development in environmental fields during a one-week intensive program of study. Through both experiential and traditional classroom learning, students will participate in ecological field work, laboratory analyses, and reflect on environmental conservation, ethics, and social justice. Students will also have the opportunity to meet with professionals in a variety of environmental fields.

To provide rich experience in environmental science, the Nicholas School of the Environment collaborates with a number of community partners, including Durham Public Schools, the New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee, and the City of Durham Public Works Department .

Durham Public Schools Vision Statement: “The Durham community cherishes its children, and the Durham Public Schools are the daily expression of that care. In Durham Public Schools, we believe that every child can succeed, but we also know that the schools alone cannot educate our children. We need and welcome the support of our entire community. Our children need loving parents who nourish them, who send them to school ready to learn, who read to them and help them with their homework. Our vision for Durham Public Schools starts with the need for the entire community to come together around the needs of every family and every child (continued here).”

New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee: “The New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee was established to advise local government on implementing the 1991 New Hope Corridor Open Space Master Plan. Its further mission is to enhance awareness of the natural, historical, and cultural value of the New Hope Creek Corridor and to encourage community stewardship of these heritage resources (continued here).”

City of Durham Department of Public Works: “Public Works provides a wide range of services, including street maintenance, engineering design, development review and stormwater quality and infrastructure maintenance. The department plans and executes the City’s winter weather and natural disaster plans.

The department ensures that the street infrastructure is safe and well maintained, which supports the quality of life and serves as a foundation of a healthy economy.  As guided by the City’s Strategic Plan, Public Works serves as a steward of the City’s physical assets and ensures that residents live in a safe, secure and thriving community (continued here).”

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