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Spring 2019

Toxicology Seminars

March 28 – Dr. Liping Feng, Duke University School of Medicine – “Maternal exposure to PFBS and birth outcomes.”

March 21 – Dr. Phoebe Stapleton, Rutgers School of Public Health – “Are maternal exposure to nanoparticles during pregnancy a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease?”

Feb. 28 – Dr. Jeanne Perrin, “Impacts of nanomaterial exposure on reproductive outcomes;” Dr. Melanie Auffan, “Contribution of mesocosm testing to a single-step and exposure-driven risk assessment of nanomaterials in a non-occupational context.

Feb. 21 – Casey Lindberg, PhD Candidate, Nicholas School of the Environment – “From Molecular- to Population-level Responses: Using two fish models to understand multiple stressor exposures.” 

Feb. 7 – Neel Aluru, PhD, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute – “Epigenetic effects of environmental chemicals: Integrative effects on DNA methylation and noncoding RNAs.”

Jan. 31 – Group panel/presentation – “How to do research that is risk assessment-relevant.” Panelists: Andrew Hawkey, PhD; Meredith Lassiter, PhD; Geniece Lehmann, PhD; Joel Meyer, PhDJohn Vandenberg, PhD.

Jan. 24 – Jason Somarelli, PhD, Duke University Medical Center – “Marine Medicine: Multidisciplinary  research at the nexus of the environment and human health

Fall Events 2018


Sept. 28 – PFAS Symposium – all-day event linked here.

Toxicology Seminars

Oct. 26 – Robert Waterland, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine … “Early environmental influences on human developmental epigenetics.”

Oct. 19 – Gary Perdew, PhD, Pennsylvania State University … “Ligand selectivity and evolutionary divergence of the human Ah Receptor: Implications in innate immunity.”

Oct. 4 – Ben Van Houten, PhD, Univ. of Pittsburgh … “Using nanosurgery to investigate mitochondria-telomere crosstalk.”

Sept. 21 – Christopher Heaney, PhD, MS, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health… Arsenic exposure and immune response to infection and vaccination during pregnancy and early life.”

Spring Events 2018


March 9- Spring Symposium 2018: “Breast Cancer and the Environment” 

Toxicology Seminars

Apr 26- Marcelo Bonini, Ph.D., Univ. of Illinois at Chicago Department of Pathology… SOD2 acetylation as a mitochondrial pathway to stemness in cancer

Apr 19- Michele La Merrill, Ph.D., MPH, UC Davis Environmental Health and Genome Centers… Mechanisms of impairments in brown adipose energy expenditure by obesogenic organochlorines”

April 12-  Caren Weinhouse, Ph.D., Postdoctoral fellow at the Duke Global Health Institute…. Identifying mechanisms for toxicant-induced epigenetic change: towards bench to community translation of environmental epigenetics.”

April 5- Deborah M Kurrasch, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Medical Genetics at the University of Calgary…The mechanistic effects of bisphenols on brain development in zebrafish and mice.”

March 29-  Yu-Ying HePh.D.,  Associate Professor of Medicine from the University of Chicago…“Role of autophagy in Environmental Carcinogenesis”

March 1Jean McLain, Ph.D., Water Resources Research Center at the University of Arizona…“Recycled Municipal Wastewater and Antibiotic Resistance: Is There a Connection?”

February 8 – Jed Goldstone, Ph.D., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)… The evolution of Cytochrome P450s and the chemical ‘defensome’ ” 

February 1Lisa Satterwhite, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine…  Pesticide Exposure and Predictive Genomics: Finding Early Stage Asymptomatic Disease.” 

January 25 – Matthew Longley, Ph.D., (NIEHS)…  Single-molecule imaging of mitochondrial DNA replication proteins suggest a mechanism for mtDNA deletions.

January 11Paul Price, Ph.D., US Environmental Protection Agency … ” Understanding the Impact of Exposure Patterns on Risks from Combined Exposures to Multiple Chemicals .

Fall Events 2017


September 22- Fall Symposium 2017:Duke Superfund Research Center Kickoff”

Toxicology Seminars

September 29 – Field Auditorium. Andrea Baccarelli, Ph.D., Columbia University … Mitochondriomics and epigenetics in human air pollution studies – new findings and methodological challenges.”

October 6 – Field Auditorium. Rebecca Fry, Ph.D., UNC-Chapel Hill … The placental epigenome as a driver of the developmental origins of health and disease.”

October 20 – Field Auditorium. Robert Tighe, M.D., Duke University Medical Center; Links between pulmonary macrophage function and environmental exposures.” 

November 3 – Field Auditorium. Andrew Whitehead, Ph.D., UC Davis;The solution to pollution is… Evolution? The genomic basis of rapid adaptation in killifish.”