Gunsch Leads New Engineering Precision Microbiome Center

Laboratory space where Duke graduate students Joshua Crittenden (left) and Daniel Rodriguez (right) discuss their microbiome engineering research with their advisor, Dr. Claudia Gunsch.

Dr. Claudia Gunsch, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and ITEHP faculty member, is the the Director of the new Engineering Research Center for Precision Microbiome Engineering (PreMiEr), one of four recently created National Science Foundation (NSF) Engineering Research Centers. The PreMiEr project, collaborative with researchers from four other NC universities, will help scientists better understand the microbial communities in the built environment, including hospitals. The goal? Preventing harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses from colonizing our indoor spaces, while encouraging growth of beneficial ones that promote a healthy microbiome. The work is supported by a five-year, $26 million grant from the NSF and collaborative leadership through faculty at Duke University (Dr. Gunsch), UNC-Chapel Hill, NC A&T, North Carolina State University, and UNC Charlotte.

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