Dissertation Defense: Kirsten Overdahl

Kirsten Overdahl successfully defended her PhD dissertation entitled, “Characterizing Exposures and In Vitro Effects of Azobenzene Disperse Dyes in the Indoor Environment”, on October 27, 2021. Kirsten was co-advised during her time at Duke by P. Lee Ferguson, PhD, and Heather Stapleton, PhD. Having earned her PhD in Environment and her ITEHP certificate, Dr. Overdahl has accepted a position as a Chemist in the brand-new Metabolomics Core Facility at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). There, she will be managing, designing, and conducting untargeted metabolomics and exposomics studies for the NIEHS and trans-NIH consortium laboratories, focusing specifically on examining implications for immune consequences and other environmental health consequences driven by endogenous and exogenous small molecules.

Congratulations, Kirsten!

Kirsten Overdahl wearing her PhD tam and her dissertation defense near Duke Chapel
Kirsten Overdahl, PhD, sporting her well-earned PhD tam!