CSETAC 2014 at Clemson!



CSETAC 2014 Announcement


Clemson University is proud to announce that we will be hosting the 2014 Carolina Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (CSETAC) regional conference from April 24th through April 26th.  The conference brings together students, professors, and industry, consulting and government professionals from across North and South Carolina to discuss the finer points of environmental toxicology and chemistry. The conference will be split into three days. The short course (see below) and opening social will be held on Thursday, April 24th, platform presentations will be conducted throughout the day on Friday, April 25th and the poster session will follow on the morning of April 26th.

Abstract submission, registration, hotel information, conference locations and directions and schedule information can be found on the CSETAC website (https://sites.google.com/site/csetac/home/meetings). The deadline for abstract submission is March 1st. We will do our best to accommodate all requests for poster and platform presentations. Abstracts that demonstrate novel research relating to environmental toxicology, environmental chemistry or a closely affiliated subject will have a greater chance of acceptance in the presentation style requested. Notifications of abstract acceptance will be sent our no later than March 28th.

Registration for the conference is now open. Early registration will close on April 11th (we need to have an estimate of attendees to prepare for the social events). The conference will be free to student members of CSETAC and $25 to non-student members who register before the deadline. Students, advisors and professionals who are not members of CSETAC will have to pay the membership fee ($10-$15) in addition to the aforementioned registration fee. Attendees who want to bring guests to the evening socials will have to pay $10 for Thursday night and $15 for Friday night. Students and professionals who do not wish to present are still welcome to register and join in on the presentation sessions and socials.

Short Course Information:

Title: Stream Sampling with DNR

Cost: Free

Maximum of 15 participants

The short course will begin with a short introduction to stream sampling from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) instructors. This introduction will include topics such as its purpose, types of species we expect to see at the sites, safety training, how to operate equipment, etc. Students will then be transported in our two 12 passenger vans, first to the pristine site then to the impacted site. Participants will take turns sampling fish and macroinvertebrates and collecting water quality data. Due to limited electroshocking equipment, teams will be split up and rotate between the three stations making sure that each students is given a chance to have hands on time with the equipment. Students will identify with help from either keys and/or the SCDNR experts the types of species they catch and associate them with either pristine or impacted habitats. At the impacted habitat students will then discuss why certain species are better adapted for this type of habitat disruption than the species found in the pristine environment. At the end of the program, the SCDNR instructors will introduce their comprehensive South Carolina Watershed model as both an example of how field data can be applied to greater conservation efforts and highlight the importance of different stressors to species diversity.

Things to note: This short course will take place rain or shine unless we are hit by a thunderstorm. If you have non-breathable waders please bring them. We will have several pairs for attendees to use but most likely not enough for everyone to be in the water at once (macroinvertebrate sampling can be done from the bank). Wear clothes that you do not mind getting wet or dirty.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Austin Wray (awray@clemson.edu) or Lauren Sweet (lesweet@clemson.edu).