Nicholas School Energy Career Guide

Duke University – Energy Initiative

Duke University Energy Initiative (DUEI) is the center of energy at Duke. Explore its website for information on degree programs, courses, news, events and research related to energy.

Duke University – Nicholas School of the Environment 

The Nicholas School’s mission, creating knowledge and global leaders of consequence for a sustainable future, is informed by Duke University’s theme of knowledge in the service of society and motivated by the need to restore and preserve the world’s environmental resources while adapting to a changing climate and a growing population with aspirations for rising standards of living. Explore its website for more information about our club members’ degrees, concentrations, and other involvements.

Duke University – Fuqua Business School EDGE Center

The Center for Energy, Development and the Global Environment (EDGE) at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business is a dynamic hub for education, thought leadership, and industry engagement that enables current and future business leaders to understand and respond effectively to the interrelated global challenges of energy, development, and the environment.

Duke University – Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University improves environmental policymaking worldwide through objective, fact-based research to confront the climate crisis, clarify the economics of limiting carbon pollution, harness emerging environmental markets, put the value of nature’s benefits on the balance sheet, develop adaptive water management approaches, and identify other strategies to attain community resilience.

Duke University – Bass Connections in Energy & Environemt

Bass Connections in Energy & Environment cuts across business, engineering, policy and science to educate tomorrow’s energy leaders, create new options through research and improve decision-making about energy.

Students at all levels and in all programs of study gain the knowledge, skills and experience needed to play leadership roles in a rapidly evolving energy future. Bass Connections in Energy & Environment raises the stakes for students and faculty by crossing boundaries through problem-focused education—boundaries among disciplines, educational levels and schools; geographic boundaries; and boundaries between the university, business, civil society and government.

Students can apply to be a part of a project team, register for a course, enroll in a curricular program, participate in energy events and join a student club.