About our Facilities

If you have a laptop or handheld device that can connect to the network, you can use the Duke Visitor wireless. You’ll have to register your device with the network, but you do not need a password to join. Please be considerate to your fellow participants and instructors while using these devices, and please turn off the ringer on your cell phone during class time.

There are two sets of restrooms located in this building. There is one set just to the left past the fire door. If these are occupied, you can continue down the hall, past the lobby area, and you’ll find the second set of restrooms, also to your left.

In the back of the room, we have recycling and garbage. The recycling is collected in a glass/plastic box and we also have a paper box.

If there is a fire alarm, we’ll all exit the room calmly and leave through the side door and re-group under the awning of the Café next door.

Temperature of the room can fluctuate quite drastically. You may wish to bring a light sweater or jacket to wear indoors if necessary. Unfortunately, the thermostat does not give us much control, but we’ll do our best.

While in this classroom, we provide refreshments in the back of the room including tea, water and regular coffee. We have also scheduled lunch and afternoon snacks as part of your workshop.